About Us

Located in Vilvoorde, Belgium, ASProject is an industrial sprl created in 2006. The manager Antonio Santos guarantees confidence, flexibility and availability, in addition to a 34-year experience in the packaging sector (21-year engineer at Tetra Pak and 13 years managing ASProject). ASProject specializes in the study of industrial packaging machinery in the food, pharmaceutical, body care, home care and other sectors.

ASProject ensures the sales and official representation of high quality secondary packaging machines and solutions for example: MARIANI Srl
Provides high quality end-of-line equipment to agri-food industry sectors such as: Maca srl & Comag srl
Design, development and production of Sleeve Labels and machines for Sleeve label applications (secondary packaging) - Benelux & France

We can act as your future partner / consultant in the following industries:  

  • breweries, 
  • dairies, 
  • mineral waters, 
  • fruit juices, 
  • soft drinks, 
  • canneries, 
  • Pharmacie 
  • etc ...

ASProject customers:  

Tetra Pak - Belgium
Tetra Pak - Netherlands
Processing systems - Belgium
Mariani - Italy
Maca - Italy
Comag - Italy
Alpro – Belgium
Inex – Belgium
Luxlait - Luxemburg

Antonio Santos

Offices: 2600 Antwerpen, België

HQ: Marius Duchéstraat 41, 1800 Vilvoorde

GSM: +32(0)476/47.24.29